Content Reach & Audience Building

Building the conversation is based on outstanding content and marketing science. We will add our audience building skills to the content we produce to ensure that the conversation reaches all your target audience. We do this by adding a marketing strategy to our overall content plan, which utilises social media networks, other online media outlets and even influential and credible bloggers. We will maximise your message within the tennis community you want to reach by amplifying the conversation using an arsenal of techniques tailored to your objectives.

Our marketing war chest will

– Expand your content’s reach
– Target your audience on the channels they are on
– Develop social media presence and following

We make any marketing spend work as hard as possible to deliver your content objectives

Content Performance measurement

In tennis like any other market, every company wants to know that their marketing activity is working and their tennis community is engaged. That is why we measure content performance.

What do we measure?

– Website statistics, including traffic, visitor breakdown and interaction with content.
– Social media performance – we track likes, shares, comments and engagement
– Blog subscription rates
– SEO metrics for keywords, engagement and overall performance in rankings
– Lead conversion (where relevant)
– Feel good factor – we measure the decibels going out and coming back from audience engagement

We will use our ongoing measurement of content performance to provide our clients with insights and analysis of how the content is performing and because of our small team personal approach, we can develop and evolve content plans to maximise any content campaign’s success.

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